Show de Especializadas – LABRADOR

Joan Saldana GCH. Zinfndel’s Cirque du Soleil

My journey in Labradors began shortly after being married to Gerardo Saldana in 1988. Gerardo and I purchased our first Labrador Retriever from the local Pet store in the Mall. Lol
Realizing he looked a bit different from the dogs we were reading about in several Labrador books, we began our search and were told about a Labrador breeder not too far from us.
Shortly after a visit to this kennel we brought home our first show puppy which was bred by the Muskelunge Kennel owned by the late Merwin and Shirley Chambers. They would soon
become our first mentors in the breed. Our first champion came from the Muskelunge kennel. Shortly after this time we would soon be introduced to a lady by the name of Carol Heidl of
Tabatha Labradors. From these two kennels we would build our foundation.
Over the years Gerardo and I have bred several champions. Some memorable wins for me would be BISS Ch. Moraine’s Malcolm at Zinfndel in 1995 going Winners Dog and Best of Breed at
The Labrador Retriever Club of Potomac. Another would be, the pleasure of being on the end of the lead of GCH. Zinfndel’s Spanish Oak in the 9-12 sweepstakes class at the Labrador
Retriever Club of Potomac in 2015 and going Best In Sweepstakes. Then in 2018 our girl GCH. Zinfndel’s Shine Bright Like a Diamond was Winners Bitch and Best Of Winners also at the Labrador
Retriever Club of Potomac in 2018. Gerardo and I have had many wonderful wins over the years, but these are a few that come to mind.
I decided in 2015 to gain my judging license and in 2016 was licensed to judge Labradors and plan to further my license in other breeds as well. This has given me the honor to go over some beautiful
Labradors across the U.S., Canada, Mexico and now Brazil. It is my honor to be judging the National Labradors CBL in 2019. I would like to thank the Clube Paulista do Labrador club members for inviting me to judge
and to all the exhibitors for bringing me your lovely Labradors.