43ª Exposição Especializada Labrador

Sherry L. Anderson and Noah, BISS Ch Sher-Mi Front Runner, SH,WCX
Hi, my name is Sherry L. Anderson. I live in Enid, Oklahoma, USA.
I was the child that all dogs gravitated towards. I loved them all. I was a Naval Officer daughter who used to plead with my father to get me a dog of my own. It was not time yet, I was always told. I was 9 and I finally had my first dog! An American cocker spaniel. I shared my childhood with 2 cockers. She hunted dove with my father.
I have my husband of 42yrs to thank for bringing the wonderful Labrador Retriever into my life. We were a young very active outdoorsy type family looking for a family pet that would go with our lifestyle. Weighing the pros and cons, the Labrador beat out other breeds we were looking at. He’ll be the first to admit that he would have never dreamt of how deeply passionate I would become for the breed.

In 1988, SHER-MI Labradors was born and has been a vital part of my life, love and passion. Through the years, I have produced several AKC champions of record, sporting group winners, specialty winners and many hunt test titles and dogs trained through MH level. Several obedience titled labradors through UDX as well as OTCH pointed. Numerous therapy dogs along with SAR and Service dogs. One of my Labradors was given the honor of being chosen the AKC ACE AWARD winner for Service Dog of the Year in 2006. It is a great story! You can read about Aspen and her handicapped owner on my website. Very heartwarming story and bond/tissue alert. The owner of this service dog, Aspen, is now on her 3rdservice dog from me. #2 is still working along w/ the new one in training. I have also owned and produced champion Flat-Coats. I’ve also raised 2 champion Papillons. Dogs in general have been a huge part of my life and I wouldn’t have it any other way. I am fully retired now, having closed my private boarding kennel in 2018. I still love to exhibit and do occasionally. I am really enjoying the judging side of dogs now which I started in 2010 and currently am AKC licensed to judge 12 sporting breeds. I am currently studying 12 more. I am so honored to have been asked to judge for you…Thank you!
Sherry L. Anderson – Sher-Mi Labrador – Enid, OK-USA